Rural Matters

By Bob Humphrey

Over 62 million people live in rural America. The term rural is from the Latin word ruralis and translates to “country”; so that means that 20% of our nation is country. The Census Bureau defines rural as any area not included in an urban area. Most of you reading this think of rural as home; and most likely do not even use the term rural in your everyday conversation.

CPSI has been serving the rural healthcare market for over 35 years and has enjoyed our commitment to our customers as you have continually met the challenges unique to your market. To this date, our complete EHR has provided a solution to combining the clinical and administrative needs of your daily operations. Our 24/7 support has transformed into a model of a true partnership arrangement. Your success as a significant rural resource in your community matters to us.

We have announced the formation of our new company, Evident, with an even sharper focus on the needs of the rural healthcare provider. The challenges of the next 35 years will continue to put a strain on the resources required for you to continue your stated mission in your community. Evident will be there as a long term partner.

As the payment model shifts from fee for service to a payment based on quality and value, Evident will be a resource to provide the tools and information to make this difficult transition as seamless as possible.  As Accountable Care Organizations and Population Health Models seek the rural areas, Evident will be there to share our experience.  As the importance of having a continuum of care within your community evolves, Evident will offer a solution. Evident will progress beyond the stages of meaningful use into the era of provider acceptance and patient involvement.  As federal rules and legislation that impact the rural healthcare community develops, Evident will lend its voice expressing the best interests of our provider community.

Evident is excited about our continued journey through all of your communities and making our partnership an even stronger one. Yes, with Evident, rural matters, country matters. Or, an even better way to express it , Home Matters.