Evident is in the unique position of being able to apply 40+ years of experience delivering and supporting advanced EHR solutions specifically for community hospitals and clinics like yours. It’s an environment where resources are often limited, needs can be great and personal relationships mean everything.

As you know, community healthcare organizations face significant challenges every day, often weighing the importance of a high quality healthcare experience against the need for simplicity and cost containment. With our purpose-built EHR solution and proactive support approach, we are the partner of choice for hundreds of organizations and thousands of practitioners as they strive to deliver quality care.

Our team of experts is always looking ahead and collaborating with clients to prepare for what’s to come. Drawing upon our heritage with an eye toward the future, we are constantly evolving our modern and intuitive technology to help dedicated community leaders like you fulfill your mission of quality healthcare, today and tomorrow.

Meet our leaders

Rob Hinckle

Rob Hinckle, Senior Vice President – Client Services

Prior to joining CPSI in 1996, Rob worked in several industries including technology, retail and communications. Since the launch of the Evident EHR business in 2015, his experience includes roles in support, services, management and vision casting. Rob currently oversees the Client Services division at Evident. Under his leadership, his team focuses on aligning resources to meet the ongoing business goals of our acute customer base. Rob graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.

Troy Rosser

Troy Rosser, Senior Vice President – Sales

Troy Rosser is responsible for directing Evident’s sales efforts including both prospective client activities and development of existing client opportunities. Prior to his role at Evident, Troy served as senior vice president of sales for CPSI since 2012. Troy’s long tenure at CPSI started in 1989. He’s held positions as vice president of sales, sales director and sales manager. Troy graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration.

Lamar Cowart

Lamar Cowart, Vice President Client Services Evident

Lamar oversees Client Services for Evident, including coordinating and directing implementation, client success, interface and learning and development. He joined CPSI in 1998 before transitioning to Evident, and has been in his current role since 2013. Lamar has served as director of implementation, project manager and team manager in CPSI’s Software Services Division. He graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Pam Phillips

Pam Phillips, Vice President Client Care, Evident

Pam oversees Client Care for Evident, including daily application support to our clients as well as the onboarding and adoption of new technologies for our existing client base. She joined CPSI in 1993 and has been in her current role since 2013. Pam previously served as director of financial support, assistant director, education manager, and software implementation team manager. Pam graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Alabama.

Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith, Vice President Programming Services Division

Bobby oversees product development for Evident's EHR platforms. He joined CPSI in 1993 as a technical support representative. Since then, Bobby has held several positions in interface development and clinical development, and now he heads up our Programming Services division. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Jamie Wanken

Jamie Wanken, Vice President Product Development

Jamie is accountable for the shared solution development teams at Evident. He joined CPSI in 2016 and transitioned to his current role in 2017. Prior to this, Jamie worked with and managed teams across national R&D labs and workforce management. Jamie graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and received his Master of Science from the University of Maryland.


Active relationships with key organizations help to better inform our offerings, align with our communities, and remain a good community partner.


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