Evident is in the unique position of being able to apply 40+ years of experience delivering and supporting advanced EHR solutions specifically for community hospitals and clinics like yours. It’s an environment where resources are often limited, needs can be great and personal relationships mean everything.

As you know, community healthcare organizations face significant challenges every day, often weighing the importance of a high quality healthcare experience against the need for simplicity and cost containment. With our purpose-built EHR solution and proactive support approach, we are the partner of choice for hundreds of organizations and thousands of practitioners as they strive to deliver quality care.

Our team of experts is always looking ahead and collaborating with clients to prepare for what’s to come. Drawing upon our heritage with an eye toward the future, we are constantly evolving our modern and intuitive technology to help dedicated community leaders like you fulfill your mission of quality healthcare, today and tomorrow.

Meet our leaders

Boyd Douglas

Boyd Douglas, President and Chief Executive Officer

Boyd Douglas oversees both Evident and parent company CPSI. His focus at Evident is centered on ensuring the company is positioned to continue its leadership role during this transitional time of healthcare delivery. He began his career at CPSI in 1988. Boyd has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of CPSI since 2006, and has also been a member of the Board of Directors since 2002. In addition to this role, he has held several other positions at CPSI including Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Director of Programming Services. Boyd graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

David Dye

David Dye, Chairman and Chief Growth Officer

David Dye directs the growth of both Evident and parent company CPSI, from day-to-day sales activities to long-term growth initiatives. He joined CPSI in 1990 and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2006. David also served as our President and CEO from 1999-2006 and held the position of CFO from 2010-2015. He has served in several other positions including Director of Technical Support and Software Implementation Team Manager. David graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler, Chief Operating Officer and President, TruBridge

Chris oversees the operations of parent company CPSI and is responsible for the integration of the CPSI family of companies which includes Evident, American HealthTech, Healthland and TruBridge. He has been with CPSI since 2000 and transitioned to his current role in 2015. He also serves as President at TruBridge, a role he has held since 2013. Chris previously served as Vice President of Business Services from 2008-2013. Other previously-held positions include Assistant Director and Director in the Business Management Services division. Chris graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Matt Chambless

Matt Chambless, Chief Financial Officer

Matt Chambless is accountable for the financial growth and administrative operations at Evident. He has been with CPSI since March of 2012 and previously served as Director of Financial Reporting. Prior to joining CPSI, Matt was the Accounting Manager for an over 800-bed hospital system based in Atlanta, Georgia and an Audit Manager in the Atlanta offices of Grant Thornton, LLP. Matt graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting and received his Masters of Accountancy from the University of Georgia. He is also a certified public accountant.

Scott Schneider

Scott Schneider, Executive Vice President

Scott Schneider serves as Executive Vice President at Evident and parent company CPSI and is responsible for strategic positioning, business development and market execution. He has been with CPSI since 1983. Other positions previously held at CPSI included Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Sales Director. Scott graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Robert Cruz

Robert Cruz, Chief Technology Officer

Robert is accountable for understanding which leading edge technologies make sense for our market and support our development efforts across our product portfolio. He joined parent company CPSI in 2003 in our technical development area. Robert became Chief Technology Officer of CPSI and our family of companies in 2016. Prior to this, he served as our Vice President of Product Strategy. Previous positions included Director of Product Research & Development and Director of Software Engineering. Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of West Florida.

Tracey Schroeder

Tracey Schroeder, Chief Marketing Officer

Tracey is responsible for the brands and public relations for the CPSI family of companies and helps align our corporate and product strategy with our day-to-day execution. She joined parent company CPSI in 2016 following the acquisition of Healthland. Tracey has been a leader in the community healthcare IT space since 2007 where she served as the Senior Vice President at Healthland from 2007-2016. Prior to her time with Healthland, Tracey has held various marketing leadership roles including, Director of Marketing with Lawson Software. Tracey graduated from Minnesota State University - Mankato with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business.

Rob Hinckle

Rob Hinckle, Senior Vice President – Client Services

Rob Hinckle oversees customer support for Evident including the coordination and direction of the LikeMind support model. Rob joined the CPSI team in 1995 before transitioning to Evident. During his time at CPSI, he served as Senior Vice President of Software Services since 2013. His additional roles in CPSI’s Software Services Division included Director, Assistant Director and Implementation Team Manager. Rob graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Troy Rosser

Troy Rosser, Senior Vice President – Sales

Troy Rosser is responsible for directing Evident’s sales efforts including both prospective client activities and development of existing client opportunities. Prior to his role at Evident, Troy served as CPSI Senior Vice President of Sales since 2012. Troy had a long tenure at CPSI that started in 1989 where he also held positions as Vice President of Sales, Sales Director and Sales Manager. Troy graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration.

Scott Littrell

Scott Littrell, Senior Vice President Information Technology Services

Scott supports the technical applications, operating system management, server and equipment needs of our entire family of companies. He began his career with parent company CPSI in 2000 in Technical Support. Scott has served as our Senior Vice President of Information Technology Services since 2016. He previously held various positions in ImageLink® and Research & Development and also held the role of Director of Technical and Hardware Services. Scott graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science.


Active relationships with key organizations help to better inform our offerings, align with our communities, and remain a good community partner.


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