Evident Announces Its Entry into the Canadian HIS/CIS Market

September 16, 2015

“Approximately 80% of the hospitals in Canada are community hospitals,” explained Boyd Douglas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Evident. “Evident has been successfully serving those same hospitals in the United States for more than 35 years. While there are certainly differences in the health systems of the United States and Canada, the health information needs of hospitals and providers in the two countries are very similar, and we have no doubt our products will more than meet the information technology needs of the Canadian healthcare system. We have done extremely well to date by all measures and, with Canadian hospitals and their physicians now starting a concerted effort towards a full adoption of clinical information systems and EMRs, it makes sense at this time to leverage our success and experience to expand into Canada.”

Evident is one of the predominant health information vendors in the healthcare industry and a recognized leader in providing fully integrated solutions to the community hospital market in the United States. To date, there have been limited choices with regard to HIS/CIS vendors serving the Canadian market. Evident’s cloud-based solutions will offer an entirely new value proposition for hospitals and physicians in Canada. Evident’s guaranteed delivery model and predictable cost over the term of the contract provides the right solution at the right time to the Canadian market.

“For years, the Canadian health industry as a whole has been working to modernize the country’s electronic health record systems,” said Douglas, “but many believe alternative solutions with predictable cost options and fixed price implementations would further drive IT adoption. These particular barriers are easily addressed by two of Evident’s primary competitive strengths – guaranteed pricing and a comprehensive fixed cost, implementation process. Our approach is holistic and has resulted in a 100% success rate in delivering our HIS/CIS and EMR solutions on-time and on-budget. This will be a major differentiator for Canadian facilities and providers looking for a high quality health information system backed by superior implementation and support services.”