Count on an Evident partnership to remain with you long after your implementation is complete. You’ll find that superior support, services and ongoing education and learning are always just a call or click away.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to services and support. Benefit from scheduling, processes and technologies that are developed to work for and with your organization, not against it. This takes into account sensitivity to any budget and time constraints you may face, the need to carefully accommodate ongoing business operations and patient care, and whether you would prefer a traditional onsite implementation or virtual remote one.

At the end of the day, you’re driven to deliver quality care and positive outcomes to the communities you serve. You deserve a technology partner who understands the challenges you face and shares a common set of values when it comes to the delivery of community healthcare.


You know that the wellbeing of your hospital and your patients depends upon a seamless transition to Thrive. That’s why the entire implementation process is carefully coordinated, so your staff can become effective users with minimal disruption to patient care or affecting hospital operations. Key departments and stakeholders are engaged early on to thoroughly scope the project, including a comprehensive validation process and a system needs analysis. When everyone gets a voice, adoption is enhanced.


Going live is much more than flipping a switch. You need every employee to be confident in their abilities on day one, from your doctors and other clinicians to night-shift nurses and office workers. That’s why we build training schedules centered around your needs, across all shifts and in every department, so patient care never suffers. Discover personal and comprehensive training, the key to a trouble-free launch.


Well after go-live, you’ll continue to benefit from one-to-one interaction and support from your client success manager. These business health “check-ups” help ensure you are optimizing your system use—highlighting strengths, identifying areas of improvement and ultimately protecting your investment. Plus, you can easily manage service requests through myCPSI, our online portal, that puts accurate, timely support at your fingertips. Always at your side, whenever you need us, however you need us.


Knowing how to operate your EHR system and getting the most out of it are two different things. Count on customized sessions and extensive e-learning opportunities through CPSIQ to help meet your organization's specific needs and business objectives.

  • 90% of clients surveyed said they would be able to apply content from an e-learning course on the job
  • 100% of clients attending a virtual workshop said they would recommend the workshop to others
  • Attendees have described these sessions as "excellent," "effective," "thorough," and "very much worth the time"

But since the world of care never stops, you'll also have access to a robust library of online tools that are available whenever you are, saving you time and money.

The result? Your success. Successful adoption, utilization and an overall positive EHR experience so you can focus on what really matters, caring for your community.